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A List Of The Gifts That Will Give The Person With Some Genuine Results

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are right around the corner and we can already feel the winter chill in the air. With the holiday season comes the pressure to get something nice for your family, friends or loved ones.

The problem is you don’t know what they like or want yet. You have no idea what they would look good in or what type of gift would make them happy. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for every budget.

If you’re looking for some last minute shopping inspiration, check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for any fashionista on your list below.

A New Wardrobe

When it comes to holiday shopping for someone who loves fashion, a new wardrobe is always a welcome gift. However, if you’ve never shopped for clothes before, it can be a bit intimidating. After all, not everyone has a closet full of designer labels or even knows where to find a bargain. If this sounds familiar to you, try one of these resources:

The Best Clothing Store Finder:

Get the best deals on clothing online with this app which makes finding the perfect outfit easy.

Saving Money on Clothes:

Learn how to save money on clothing and accessories by following these tips.

Hipster Chic:

Find the latest trends in fashion and beauty at this resource for those who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Glamour Magazine:

This magazine offers an array of style advice and product reviews so you can shop confidently.

A Makeup Routine Book

Forget about buying expensive makeup brushes for someone who doesn’t use them. Instead, buy them a book that teaches them how to properly apply their favorite products. A great way to go about this is to choose a brand from their favorite celebrity. For example, if Kim Kardashian likes Benefit Cosmetics, then a book featuring her favorite products might be a great gift.

However, you could also pick a book that helps them learn how to build their own makeup routine. If you want to help them create their perfect look without overspending, then this is an excellent option.

Jewelry or Leather Goods

There are tons of great jewelry stores online that offer high-quality pieces for reasonable prices. You could also do some research into local boutiques and showrooms to see if there are any hidden gems in your area.

Leather goods are another great gift for any fashionista. They tend to be more expensive than other types of jewellery, but they come with a lot of perks. From wallets and bags to belts and shoes, leather items are more durable and versatile than most other materials. Check out Starity for some awesome gift recommendations that will impress the recipients for sure.


From scarves to purses, there’s no shortage of accessories that a fashionable woman needs. Accessories give outfits a finishing touch that’s often overlooked. If fashionistas have trouble deciding what to wear, giving them one of these accessory suggestions is a great starting point.

They’re classic and chic, and they’re very affordable. There are many different styles available. Choose one based on your friend’s personal style.

These are also stylish and functional. Again, you should choose one based on your friend’s personality.

Totes are a great carry-all option. It’s a great way to take everything you need everywhere you go.

Belts are incredibly practical and stylish. They add that extra detail to any outfit while making a statement.

Fashion Apparel

If you know someone who is constantly on the hunt for new outfits, then you should consider purchasing them a piece of clothing. Fashion apparel is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for their dedication to style and comfort. Some of the best fashion brands include:


Known for its upscale quality and contemporary style, Jcrew is a staple among trendy fashionistas.


Express is an affordable brand for women who value quality over quantity.

Nasty Gal:

Nasty Gal sells a variety of unique pieces that are sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.

Beauty Products

As much as you may hate to admit, your friend probably has a ton of beauty products lying around in their bathroom cabinet. If you know of a specific item they use frequently, why not buy them the product?

The key here is to think outside the box when selecting a beauty product. For example, rather than just picking a fragrance, you could also buy them a body cream that smells amazing.

Another thing to consider is whether or not they actually use the products they purchase. Most people end up throwing away their beauty products after only using them once. In fact, the average person throws away $3,000 worth of beauty products per year! That’s enough to fill two garbage trucks. By purchasing a product they actually use, you’ll not only be helping them stay organized, but you’ll also be helping them live green and save money.

Personalized Gifts

With the holidays on the horizon, there’s little doubt that you’re going to receive gifts. If you know someone who loves to shop and is always buying personalized gifts, why not give them something that they can use forever? You can easily customize it with their name or initials and make it truly special.

Just remember to stick to a budget. Nothing turns people off faster than spending too much money on a gift that isn’t really needed.

Home Decoration Gift Ideas

Everyone appreciates a well decorated home. Whether you’re getting a housewarming gift for a new neighbor or a wedding present for a future bride, you can help your friend decorate their home with one of these awesome decorating inspirations.

Decorated Kitchen:

This is a fantastic choice if you know your friend has an affinity for cooking and entertaining. You can help them spruce up their kitchen, complete with cookware, utensils, and serving pieces. Just be sure to budget accordingly.

Luxury Bathroom:

Your friend may love taking baths more than anything else. Help them upgrade their bathroom with luxurious towels, bathrobes, toiletries and more. Be sure to budget appropriately.

Bathroom Accessories:

The bathroom is often the largest room in the house. So why not help your friend accessorize their space with towels, rugs, mirrors and more?

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