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Some people today seem to doubt the need to detox for life and good health. Detox today is not only about getting free of drug use, but getting our bodies free of the stranglehold that toxic pollution has on our lives. The medical fraternity does not regard health care as something that needs to include a comprehensive detox process as a pathway to recovery of good health.

Many symptoms of distress and disease would disappear tomorrow if people were free of emotional stress, with a good health regime for their body. Too many people today buy into consumerism, as a means to achieve wealth, success and the appearance of happiness, only to find too late that good health has been sacrificed in the process. The cost of our material success appears to be loss of natural balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Drugs provide an escape route for some, bringing further damage to health. Detox for life and good health sounds like a good idea – but where can you go to get it.

Part of the Narconon alcohol and drug addiction recovery program, that in February 2011 celebrates 45 years of successful drug detox and rehabilitation, is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program *.

Comprehensive detox plans, such as the Narconon New Life Program, use effective means to continue to clear drug residues and toxins from the body long after traces of drug use no longer appear in the blood. Graphic evidence suggests that this deeply stored toxic residue is slowly mobilized by the New Life Program as the excretory organs of the body mobilize and remove the residues taking around a month to 40 days to really eliminate drug residues, that can be a source of relapse and cravings.

Benefits of the Narconon detox for life and good health program include reduction of symptoms of drug abuse such as depression, anxiety and fatigue, and removal of a source of cravings. People are more alert, feel better and have more energy.

The Narconon drug free withdrawal program is made up of 4 parts which are nutritional support, personal help and “assists” to enable a person to both own and bear the discomfort of drug withdrawal, procedures designed to make a person more extroverted and looking outwards towards life, rather than the gloomy introspection that can often come with drug use, and fourthly, communication skills are taught, using content from Book 2 of the therapeutic training routines which is First Step Communications.

The New Life program differs from traditional methods for drug rehabilitation in that it does not see addiction as disease, but as an affective response by a person to the experience of trauma. Affect is simply a combined response to a stimulus that involves both our feelings (emotions) and a physical reaction by the body. When we are sad, and try to control our feelings, we will feel a lump in our throat. Crying is a healthy response that helps to discharge our feelings. Similarly, if a person can work through their feelings and pain that come with drug withdrawal, fully monitored and supported, the result is more healthy and cathartic than when drug detox is achieved, but related feelings masked by drug use, and not fully expressed.

Detox for life and good health is achievable using Narconon New Life Program – 100% drug free.

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