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What Is Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes happens when a woman is diagnosed during her pregnancy that her body cannot accept insulin. The causes for the Gestational diabetes still unknown. Hence, during the pregnancy, the doctor needs to provide some forms of treatment to keep the blood sugar level of the pregnant woman in normal level.

This is to prevent any complication occurs to the baby.

In most cases, after giving birth, the woman who has had Gestational diabetes will back to normal. The diabetes will goes away after baby is born. The mother’s blood glucose level will back to normal as the insulin production return to normal.

There is some belief that the placenta that provides nutrients to the baby will also releases some kind of hormone that may blocks a woman’s insulin production from the pancreas. The hormone will also change the way a woman’s body utilize the insulin that is produced. At this time, if there is too much glucose in woman’s body that is not transformed into energy, the glucose will start build up in the blood stream. This process is known as hyperglycemia.

Hence, it is advised to pregnant woman to go for screening test for Gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The glucose level can be easily checked from the urine sample provided. If the glucose is found in the urine, that is a warning sign to the doctor to go for more details checking of woman’s blood sugar level.

The doctor may send the woman for blood test to confirm if the Gestational diabetes occurs. If the result is positive, then the treatment and diabetes management plan will be put into action for the woman to follow immediately.

Even though the pregnant woman who has had Gestational diabetes will back to normal after giving birth, there is higher chance that the woman may get type 2 diabetes in the few years later. Hence, it is advised that even after giving birth, mother should always monitor her blood sugar level annually and choosing a healthy life style and healthy diet plan in their daily life.

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