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Recently, a Global Commission of the World Health Organisation made recommendations that nations support further experimentation in the field of evidence based, drug assisted substance abuse recovery. Still hoping and searching for, it would seem, that elusive chemical “silver bullet” that will put an end to drug use and the problem of addiction.

Progress in this field today has been singularly unsuccessful, with researchers starting to sound very much like an old and broken down record player, doomed to keep repeating the track, because the needle is stuck in the groove. More time, more money is at their disposal but still the needle is stuck.

Alternative healers and those who currently run successful drug addiction recovery programs are somewhat pained to keep hearing the same old tune. The public waits in hope.

All that has been achieved by attempted drug control of substance abuse and addiction has been to provide approved prescription drugs for users, that they continue to use, that are similar in chemical structure to the illicit drugs available on the street. These are called “maintenance drug” treatment programs, that deal with substance abuse at a physical level, and that don’t even pretend to be dealing with the issue of addiction.

Maintenance drug programs don’t have the intention of serving the needs of the drug abusing population. All drug maintenance programs treat substance abuse and addiction as a public health issue to be resolved by a process of band aids and mirrors. The process of providing substance abusers with a government approved alternative, such as methadone is very much like a mother who says to her son, don’t shoot up heroin in the street, what will the neighbors think – why not stay at home with me and share my oxycodone – a win-win outcome for all.

Providers of comprehensive methods for complete drug addiction recovery put the needs of the drug addict first, and provide a genuine, nurturing environment in which full recovery from drug use and addiction is routinely achieved. Comprehensive substance abuse recovery programs have a totally different approach to the issue of continued drug use by commencing with a detox program that is effective, safe and drug free – weaning the addict completely from the liebfraumilch and tafelweins of the drug dependent world.

The fundamental issue as between the two schools of thought is whether or not it is possible to achieve full addiction recovery. Maintenance programs operate on the assumption that an addict can never be free of their cravings and addiction, and that a managed drug program together with social and emotional support is the best that can be achieved. Success is described as not using illicit drugs, not becoming addiction free. The relapse rate is high.

Comprehensive methods for drug addiction recovery deal with the causes of addiction. The causes of drug addiction are emotional problems and tensions, that rapidly become intensified when continued drug use starts to disrupt the ability of the addict to address his problems at both a physical and emotional level.

There is no addict on earth who does not want, at an intellectual level, to be free of their addiction – yet, when tensions and emotional issues arise, it is straight to the drugs that the addict goes, overriding his best intentions. Comprehensive treatment programs provide courses of study that enable the addict to feel more empowered in their life, and so be able to resolve the issues that lead to emotional stress and tension.

When people have a tension headache, there is always a cause. People who make lifestyle changes that provide less stress and better self nurturing will create a situation in which headaches no longer occur. People who use a painkiller medication, will gain temporary relief, at cost of taking the symptom as a signal to make changes in their life.

The more a person becomes tolerant of, and dependent upon a drug, the less effective it will be, and the dose might have to be increased to bring about the same relief. At the same time, the body becomes increasingly disabled from achieving a natural recovery. This outcome is precisely the opposite of what the drug user intends to achieve. It is the paradox of drug use that what we first use to ease our pain, then has to be used continuously to resolve the pain that it causes by way of rebound and adverse side effects.

The person who makes the choice to self nurture and make changes in their life, naturally becomes independent, with no cravings for or addiction to drugs. The reason for the demand for drugs has been eradicated, there is no more addictive behavior or desire to use drugs. making changes

Given free choice and information, people would all prefer a life without drug use and addiction – this is the reason why comprehensive drug treatment providers continue to provide their services, and public information. The war against drugs will only be won when we give up our demand for drugs, and learn how to make better choices.

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